I read an interesting article online recently about a renter in San Francisco who felt like she was being harassed by her landlord because of the buildings bad plumbing.  The landlord wanted her to hang a sign in her bathroom that read "Do Not Flush Tampons" and she wrote to the San Francisco Appeal online magazine because she was wondering if she really had to hang that sign. 

You can read the article here.

It's one thing to read those annoying signs in public bathrooms and wonder what kind of female fool thinks it's OK to flush a pad or a tampon down the toilet? If you wouldn't do it in your own bathroom, why would you do it in someone else's?  Do women get a thrill being so privately naughty and passive-aggressive?

You have to admit that these salt & pepper shakers are pretty cute, right?  

I know it's probably not the most appetizing subject matter to have in your home's kitchen, but look at it this way:  food goes in and pee/poop comes out.

It's the circle of digestive life.  Why not embrace it?  Plus their cute little tongues are sticking out and that makes them 100% adorable in my book.

Available for purchase at BaronBob.com for $9.99. 

I just read a really great post about peeing in the shower over at JaneDuttonutrecht entitled  Waterworld. It's all about an initiative to encourage citizens to pee while showering to save water. 

It reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where George gets caught peeing in the shower at his gym.  After quite a heated discussion with Elaine, he shouts "It's all pipes."

So this toilet-loving blogger wants to know:  Do you pee in the shower?

If you ever wondered why dogs drink water from our toilets, author Marty Becker points out that the water in a toilet more closely resembles the fresh, flowing water a dog might find in the wild in his book aptly titled, Why Do Dogs Drink Out of the Toilet: 101of the Most Perplexing Questions Answered About Canine Conundrums, Medical Mysteries and Befuddling Behaviors

Dogs do all kinds of crazy stuff, but at least they know where to find the best drink in the house..

Came across this recently on the blog FilmDrunk and had to feature it here on my toilet blog.  Of course I'm a huge Twihard and I love all things related to toilets so finding this felt like God was involved or something because it was just simply meant to to be.

Here's a quick except from their post which was so funny I had to share:

The crazy thing about Twilight toilets is that you can’t poop in them until you’re married. You just have to hold it and hold it, until it’s driving you crazy, and then when you finally do consummate the poop, the porcelain smashes everywhere and the toilet gets pregnant with your poop. But then the poop is so big and strong that it won’t go down to the septic tank and you have to cut it out yourself, and that’s when Taylor Lautner falls in love with it. Taylor Romantic, right?
Because the first thing I want touching my lips is some goo that came out of a toilet bowl.
Thanks to a work outing, I had the pleasure of visiting The Patriot's Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. I have to admit I'm not much of football fan, but it was still nice to visit the stadium because it's such a huge part of the New England culture.  

Upon arriving via bus to the main entrance to the stadium, I looked up to see a personalized LED welcome sign for our company which was a nice touch and really made us feel like honored guests.  As I looked up the 180 feet to the very top of the stadium, all you could see were all the levels of the stadium that hold those 68,756 seats.   From my vantage point, I could see port-o- potty's on each level and I immediately grabbed my iPhone and tried to snap a few pictures. It made to wonder: how many port-o-potty's are in Gillette Stadium?  

We got to take a tour of the stadium after our sponsored lunch and I was probably the only person super excited to see the actual toilet that the football players use during the game.  We all walked past the tiny room, but I saw the door open and slipped inside for a peek.

The room, as pictured below, is dank and serviceable.  The toilet seat was up and it made me wonder who last used it? Did Tom Brady ever piss in here?  (Why do I feel so creepy writing that?)  The thing that really got my attention was the ceiling because it looked like I was standing in the belly of the Titanic.  I know the stuff above my head wasn't barnacles, but it sure felt like it.  Maybe insulation?

I also got the chance to see a caged-in area that had a few port-o-potty's that I assume is where they located the drunk tank for the stadium for all the unruly patrons.  It was an off-limits area so I couldn't really get any good pictures, but I suppose if you've seen one port-o-potty, you've seen them all.

I did end up visiting the women's bathroom in the club house.  The bathroom was pretty ordinary except for the Patriot's logo on the Xlerator fan. I snapped a picture of it hoping that a co-worker didn't walk in on me and wonder just what the heck I was doing.  Then again,  I got pretty animated about being the in the player's bathroom..

The tour was amazing and the staff were great hosts to us all.  Just having the chance to stand on the playing field and walk around in the belly of the stadium was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but the highlight of the tour was seeing that small bathroom the players use off the field.

Below are some interesting links:

Fortunately our Beagle Minnie can't reach the toilet bowl, but this is a cute idea for a pet water dish.  Once again, it's available for $19.95 over at Stupid.com.

I like the idea of gifting some unsuspecting pal with a pair of these toilet shot glasses.  But is it just me or would you agree that the toilet seat cover is unusually small?  I know I'm being persnickety, but couldn't they get the proportion to the bowl right?

These toilet shot glasses make me think of an alternate use for them besides getting piss drunk.  I think I'd rather place a hard boiled egg in their bowl and enjoy the looks I'd get at the breakfast table.

Whatever your desired use, you can pick up a pair of these for $10.99 over at Stupid.com.

Photo courtesy of Stupid.com
I'm not one to prank people so I wouldn't really find this No Tear Toilet Paper to be a very funny prank to pull on one of my unsuspecting friends, but it exists and therefore I'm compelled to share it with  my readers.

Playing the Devil's Advocate here, this would be a great product to ensure an annoying house guest never returned for a repeat visit.  That right there is well worth the $5.99 for this roll of "...tightly knit, stiff fabric that looks just like real toilet paper."

Ever visit someone's house and they have the thinnest toilet paper ever? No luxury quilting, no fancy swirly designs on sheets that mimic the feel of wiping your ass with material made of ethereal clouds?

To me, it's perfectly acceptable to find the cheapest toilet paper imaginable when you're unlucky enough to pay a visit to a state highway rest stop, but completely unacceptable when you're shopping in an upscale department store or enjoying a meal in a fine-dining restaurant.  Fluffy toilet paper that doesn't scrape your ass is a given in any of these situations.