Thanks to a work outing, I had the pleasure of visiting The Patriot's Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. I have to admit I'm not much of football fan, but it was still nice to visit the stadium because it's such a huge part of the New England culture.  

Upon arriving via bus to the main entrance to the stadium, I looked up to see a personalized LED welcome sign for our company which was a nice touch and really made us feel like honored guests.  As I looked up the 180 feet to the very top of the stadium, all you could see were all the levels of the stadium that hold those 68,756 seats.   From my vantage point, I could see port-o- potty's on each level and I immediately grabbed my iPhone and tried to snap a few pictures. It made to wonder: how many port-o-potty's are in Gillette Stadium?  

We got to take a tour of the stadium after our sponsored lunch and I was probably the only person super excited to see the actual toilet that the football players use during the game.  We all walked past the tiny room, but I saw the door open and slipped inside for a peek.

The room, as pictured below, is dank and serviceable.  The toilet seat was up and it made me wonder who last used it? Did Tom Brady ever piss in here?  (Why do I feel so creepy writing that?)  The thing that really got my attention was the ceiling because it looked like I was standing in the belly of the Titanic.  I know the stuff above my head wasn't barnacles, but it sure felt like it.  Maybe insulation?

I also got the chance to see a caged-in area that had a few port-o-potty's that I assume is where they located the drunk tank for the stadium for all the unruly patrons.  It was an off-limits area so I couldn't really get any good pictures, but I suppose if you've seen one port-o-potty, you've seen them all.

I did end up visiting the women's bathroom in the club house.  The bathroom was pretty ordinary except for the Patriot's logo on the Xlerator fan. I snapped a picture of it hoping that a co-worker didn't walk in on me and wonder just what the heck I was doing.  Then again,  I got pretty animated about being the in the player's bathroom..

The tour was amazing and the staff were great hosts to us all.  Just having the chance to stand on the playing field and walk around in the belly of the stadium was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but the highlight of the tour was seeing that small bathroom the players use off the field.

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