Photo courtesy of Stupid.com
I'm not one to prank people so I wouldn't really find this No Tear Toilet Paper to be a very funny prank to pull on one of my unsuspecting friends, but it exists and therefore I'm compelled to share it with  my readers.

Playing the Devil's Advocate here, this would be a great product to ensure an annoying house guest never returned for a repeat visit.  That right there is well worth the $5.99 for this roll of "...tightly knit, stiff fabric that looks just like real toilet paper."

Ever visit someone's house and they have the thinnest toilet paper ever? No luxury quilting, no fancy swirly designs on sheets that mimic the feel of wiping your ass with material made of ethereal clouds?

To me, it's perfectly acceptable to find the cheapest toilet paper imaginable when you're unlucky enough to pay a visit to a state highway rest stop, but completely unacceptable when you're shopping in an upscale department store or enjoying a meal in a fine-dining restaurant.  Fluffy toilet paper that doesn't scrape your ass is a given in any of these situations.

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