Came across this recently on the blog FilmDrunk and had to feature it here on my toilet blog.  Of course I'm a huge Twihard and I love all things related to toilets so finding this felt like God was involved or something because it was just simply meant to to be.

Here's a quick except from their post which was so funny I had to share:

The crazy thing about Twilight toilets is that you can’t poop in them until you’re married. You just have to hold it and hold it, until it’s driving you crazy, and then when you finally do consummate the poop, the porcelain smashes everywhere and the toilet gets pregnant with your poop. But then the poop is so big and strong that it won’t go down to the septic tank and you have to cut it out yourself, and that’s when Taylor Lautner falls in love with it. Taylor Romantic, right?

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